Our Packages:

Level 1: This package will put new life into your car’s finish. It’s also ideal for maintaining a perfect one. It begins with a swirl-free hand car wash. The wheels, including the inner barrels, are also cleaned. The wheel arches are cleaned and dressed. Next is a clay bar treatment that removes all build-up and contaminants from the paint and leaves a perfectly smooth finish. Then, a single-stage polish with a high-speed buffer brings back the gloss of your paint. A polymer sealant is then applied for that dripping-wet look, and many months of protection.

The interior gets a full detail as well. Every inch of it is vacuumed. All cracks, crevices, seats, panels, door jams and windows are thoroughly cleaned.

Level 2: This level adds a compounding polishing step to the Level 1 package. This removes a substantial amount of swirls and light scratches. It adds a glow to your car that you haven’t seen since it rolled off the showroom floor.

Level 3: In addition to everything above, this all-day, three-step polishing procedure, will make your dream of a perfect paint finish a reality.